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We are forever expanding our search for the finest Cannabis Genetics for use in a wide range of Industries that maximises Yield and lowers input through genetic stability, our own field trials, partner cultivation programmes and RnD. These industries include FIbre, Seed/Grain, Essential Oils, Fuels, Medicine, Isolate Extraction and Infusion Markets, CBD Flower, Hempcrete (Concrete Substitute), Hemp Plastic & more. With our search for fine Genetics, we can proudly state that these strains we offer are Registred via the Registrar’s Office in South Africa (Dallrrd) and, ofcourse; EU Registered for confidence in return trade with growing Industries abroad.



0.2% THC – 14% CBD

Kompolti is a dioecious industrial hemp strain that was developed in Hungary in order to produce seeds. These plants are quite large, and they can also be used for making flour or oil. This strain is also perfect for those that would still like to enjoy cannabis flavors without getting high – it offers a very soft calming effect thanks to its CBD content. Its flavors and aromas are similar to Kush strains.


0.2% THC – >5% CBD

These seeds were bred in Hungary and are monoecious, which means that the buds contain both male and female flowers. For this reason, Futura 83 seeds are not good for harvesting CBD Buds, but what is bad for one thing is good for another, and in this case makes this variety one of the best to produce seeds in the south of Europa, which are also large caliber and contain a high concentration of fatty acids.


0.12% THC – >3% CBD

Felina 32 is a French strain that’s been grown in Italy for years now. It’s designed to produce flowers with high amounts of CBD, as well as plenty of seeds which can then be used to make hemp oil. It also has quite a high amount of fiber in its stems and trunks – you can make the most out of almost every single part of this plant


0.2% THC – >16% CBD

When it comes to flavors and aromas, the French took the lead on this one. Despite being one of the most restrictive countries in Europe, France, the most significant European hemp producer, developed a legal, complacent variety that adapts to even the harshest climates of Northern Europe. Its name is Fedora, a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain widely cultivated and exploited throughout this whole continent, especially France and Switzerland


0.12% THC – >3% CBD

Developed in France, Earlina 8FC is a premium seed-orientated strain, ideal for the processing industry. It’s particularly rich in oils (up to 32%) and is exclusively bred for hemp seed production.

Because of its moderate height (up to 2m) and short growing cycle, Earlina 8FC variety is easy to harvest. Even though stems and fibre harvest isn’t the richest, it produces large quantities of high quality hemp seeds that are incredibly beneficial not only for people but for animals, too. The size of the seeds is quite small, what makes the extracted oil rich and fragrant. This makes Earlina 8FC strain highly popular.


0.2% THC – >3% CBD

Fibror is a variety of industrial hemp developed in France. The most remarkable feature of this particular variety is the fact that it has an innate natural resistance to bad weather like rain and humidity. It also produces large quantities of fiber without much care and flowers that contain a lot of CBD.

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