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We are forever expanding our search for the finest Cannabis Genetics for use in a wide range of Industries that maximises Yield and lowers input through genetic stability, our own field trials, partner cultivation programmes and RnD. These industries include FIbre, Seed/Grain, Essential Oils, Fuels, Medicine, Isolate Extraction and Infusion Markets, CBD Flower, Hempcrete (Concrete Substitute), Hemp Plastic & more. With our search for fine Genetics, we can proudly state that these strains are fit for the South African market and, ofcourse; US & EU Registered for confidence in return trade with the growing Industries abroad.



POTENTIAL CBG to THC: 36:1 – Pre-Harvest CBG 8% THC 0.07% – Post-Harvest CBG 14% THC 0.1%

Aroma: A mild blend of freshly harvested microgreens with an array of plant matter, black pepper, and pine nuts.

Flavors: A moderate terpene content variety that offers a smooth and satisfying earthy tone.

Appearance: Cloudy trichomes that looks like a spoiled vanilla milkshake that has a dense bud structure to produce fine quality flowers for smokable and CBG extracts. A unique CBG variety that has great vigor, resistance to mites, and some terpene expression. Levels of CBDa and CBCa will also appear in minor levels for certain phenotypes.

Size & Style: A vigorous and fast growing plant with 5 point fan leaves and medium intermodal spacing. She grows more vertical than horizontal, but has great uniformity.


0.1% THC – 3.4% to 16.7% CBD

Aroma: Smells resemble a gas soaked wooden spoon of pressed raspberries.

Flavors: An earthy sweet inhale with a heavy tone of myrcene during exhale.

Appearance: A dark purple bud structure with glimpses of yellow and bright orange hairs. She also has purple calyx production under an array of amber and white trichomes.

Size & Style: A uniform cultivar with 4×4 spacing working perfectly for an even canopy and sea of green.


0.16% THC – 7.8% to 17.9% CBD

Aroma: A cheesy funk of sweet cherries and garlic pepper.

Flavors: A garlicky profile of grenadine covered cherries and parmesan cheese.

Appearance: A complex profile of 50 shades of green intertwined with a light to dark series of orange pistils.

Size & Style: A balanced hybrid designed for it’s unique ability to thrive in multiple climates, gives this consistent cultivar the ability to out yield and perform some of the best genetics in hemp. A true darkhorse.


JAM #5

0.16% THC – 8.3% to 16.2% CBD

Aroma: Earthy.

Flavors: Imagine a roll of quarters dipped in grape jelly then baked in the oven with a dozen doughnuts.. Then dip that in a batch of freshly harvested hay.

Appearance: A fade as bittersweet as a rainbow on a rainy day. She expresses many fades and colors with an eye candy like presence in the garden.

Size & Style: Healthy inter nodal spacing with a maximum height of 8 feet & 4 inches. For a sativa-leaning hybrid, she boasts well under windy conditions and her branches do not break easily.


0.2% THC – 9.2% to 18.4% CBD

Aroma: A complex chartutterie of foreign stinky cheeses and sweet james.

Flavors: A stinky yet satisfying blend of funky cheese and homemade jam.

Appearance: A dark combo of orange and red hairs paired with a dark series of shades of green.

Size & Style: Very vigorous and fast growing that’s ideal for many environments. She can grow over 6 feet in height & width so make sure to keep a close eye on this one.



0.16% THC – 7.5% to 15.9% CBD

Aroma: A cheesy and funky blend of hibiscus tea poured onto a fresh salad with blue cheese.

Flavors: A funky cheese blend on the inhale with a smooth and cough less exhale.

Appearance: An easy to grow cultivar that is ideal for any grower. She has large fan leaves and healthy spacing that does not require a lot of TLC.

Size & Style: A quick grower that germinates quickly and vigorously. For a sativa leaning variety, she finishes quicker than most in that category.



0.17% THC – 8.1% to 24.9% CBD

Aroma: A blend of sweet cherry haze and burnt rubber.

Flavors: Skunky citrus cherry sweetness with an exhale of Afghan skunk.

Appearance: Light green bud structure with high resin production. A purple and orange fade that catches the eye.

Size & Style: A uniform plant with tight node spacing and tight bud structure, medium difficulty cultivar with great sugar production.



0.27% THC – 11.5% to 14.1% CBD

Aroma: A gas heavy stench of sweaty gym shorts at an exciting Nascar race in the muggy south.

Flavors: A musky inhale of rotten blueberries and myrecene with a smooth and bubbly after taste.

Appearance: A stout and dependable variety that can survive with little water and care. Her branches are strong with a dense bud structure.

Size & Style: This variety matures around 6ft and height and width. A very uniform and easy to grow plant.



0.15% THC – 16.6% CBD

Aroma: An oddly strange hazy tone of dried tangerines and black berries & syrup.

Flavors: Aunt Jemima came back out for this one! A taste of perfectly cooked flapjacks mixed with a pleasant and subtle sweetness.

Appearance: One of our most uniform and well performing varieties in many microclimates. This plant makes the life of a farmer easy by having a compromising cultivar for field production.

Size & Style: A stout and perfect plant for harvesting at scale. This variety is versatile for many different environments.



0.2% THC – 22.5% CBD

Aroma: Sweet Cherry nose with a grapefruit sugar smell. Sprinkles of pepper and soil come out in the back end. Flavors: Sweet and smooth inhale with a purple grape exhale after tone. 

Flavors: Sweet and smooth inhale with a purple grape exhale after tone.

Appearance: Multi colored with purple, yellow, black and red colors. Trichomes are heavy and very sticky. 

Size & Style: A tight and uniform plant that requires finesse to perfect. Her incredible resin production and terpene rich flavors make her slightly more finicky, but worth the TLC.



0.26% THC -8.9% to 14.7% CBD

Aroma: A rare an unique aroma of mixed berry pie fresh out of your Auntie’s oven mixed with an oddly satisfying wiff of sweaty gym shorts.

Flavors: A sweet and savory taste of exotic berries in a smoothie mixed with a loud punch of musky undertone.

Appearance: A rare combination of strength and consistency with a beautiful bud structure and pink pistil formation.

Size & Style: Pink pistil formation with solid internodal spacing and tight bud formation. This variety is all glisten & grease.



0.13% THC -3.7 to 12.9% CBD

Aroma: A burst of perplexing aromas including dark chocolate candies, apricots, and honey nut muffins.

Flavors: A sweet and skunky inhale of rotten honey nut muffins mixed with a pleasant flavor of a cucumber garden on a hot summer day.

Appearance: A good yielding plant with purple, orange, light, and dark green colors. This hybrid has an easy time surviving in relatively humid & drier climates.

Size & Style: The branch strength and early resin production on this plant makes it easy to lust, but it’s overall yield and vigor turns lust to love.



0.2% THC – 8.6% to 16% CBD

Aroma: A fruity &exotic explosion of mango, pineapple, and passion fruit. A trichome heavy variety with a sugary tang of molasses. 

Flavors: A complex profile of terpenes ideal for smokable hemp flower. A rare combination of exotic flavors from a CBD dominant cultivar. 

Appearance: A strong and sturdy variety that grows very well under with maintained care. Healthy internodal spacing with a dense bud structure and strong branches.

Size & Style: This plant is for intermediate and experienced growers. When given adequate nutrients and an ideal climate, she expresses strong branches growing up to 7 ½ feet in height.


0.27% THC – 8.7% to 14.3% CBD

Aroma: A wave of fresh soil amended in fresh grapes, mint leaves,
and pine needles.

Flavors: An enjoyable blend of sweet pine sap with a somewhat sour
combination of herbs & spices.

Appearance: A very stable and uniform cultivar that shows her
dominance in the garden. Her branch formation is strategic and every
branch will yield significant bud formations.

Size & Style: A heavy resin producer that has large pistil
formation. She takes a bit longer to mature, but worth the wait.


0.2% to 0.3% THC – 11.9% to 16% CBD

Aroma: A spicy lemon cherry in grenadine with hops and a wet soil

Flavors: An earthy sweet flavor on the inhale with a sugary
sweetness on the back end.

Appearance: Stout indica-dominated variety with dense golf ball
bud structure.

Size & Style: 8+ feet @ full maturity.


0.2% to 0.23% THC – 20.1% CBD

Aroma: A dry red wine putting out a fire of gasoline covered tiki

Flavors: A perfect blend of OG and sweetness to deliver an
effective and pleasurable smoking profile.

Appearance: A dark green and dark red combo of billed nuggets and
resin production makes this cultivar attractive.

Size & Style: A high yielding and space demanding cultivar designed for 5×5 spacing in the field. Optimal for extraction efficiency, consistency and great terpene content for smokeable flower.20.1


0.2% to 0.24% THC – 6.8% to 15.7% CBD

Aroma: Cherry floral fragrance with an undertone of acai berries and maraschino cherries.

Flavors: Imagine a purple grape and red apple colliding on a black pavement with heavy gym shoe residuals from frequent basketball games.

Appearance: Deep orange pistils with a green bud structure, purple fade, and milky white trichome production.

Size & Style: A balanced cultivar that grows a uniform sea of green under 5×5 spacing. Easy to grow and maintain.


0.2% THC – 2% to 10% CBD (up to 14 to 16% on certain Phenotypes) – Geolocation Dependant


Kompolti is a dioecious industrial hemp strain that was developed in Hungary in order to produce seeds. These plants are quite large, and they can also be used for making flour or oil. This strain is also perfect for those that would still like to enjoy cannabis flavors without getting high – it offers a very soft calming effect thanks to its CBD content. Its flavors and aromas are similar to Kush strains.


0.12% THC – >5% CBD


These seeds were bred in Hungary and are monoecious, which means that the buds contain both male and female flowers. For this reason, Futura 83 seeds are not good for harvesting CBD Buds, but what is bad for one thing – is good for another. This makes the variety one of the best to produce seeds in the south of Europa, which are also large caliber and contain a high concentration of fatty acids.


0.12% THC – >3% CBD


Felina 32 is a French strain that’s been grown in Italy for years. It’s designed to produce flowers with high amounts of CBD, as well as plenty of seeds which can then be used to make Hemp oil. It has quite a high amount of fiber in its stems and trunks which enables you to make the most out of almost every single part of this plant


0.12% to 0.4% THC – between 3% and 16% CBD, Geolocation Dependant.


When it comes to flavors and aromas, the French took the lead on this one. Despite being one of the most restrictive countries in Europe, France, the most significant European hemp producer, developed a legal, complacent variety that adapts to even the harshest climates of Northern Europe. Its name is Fedora, a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain widely cultivated and exploited throughout Europe, especially France and Switzerland


0.12% THC – >3% CBD


Developed in France, Earlina 8FC is a premium seed-orientated strain, ideal for the processing industry. It’s particularly rich in oils (up to 32%) and is exclusively bred for hemp seed production.

Because of its moderate height (up to 2m) and short growing cycle, Earlina 8FC variety is easy to harvest. Even though stems and fibre harvest isn’t the richest, it produces large quantities of high quality hemp seeds that are incredibly beneficial for humans and animals. The size of the seeds is quite small, what makes the extracted oil rich and fragrant. This makes Earlina 8FC strain highly popular.


0.12% THC – >3% CBD


Because Fibror is a variety of industrial hemp developed in Europe. The most remarkable feature of this particular variety is thr fact that is has an innate natural resistance to bad weather / climate conditions like too much rain and high humidity conditions. It also produces large quantities of fiber without too much care, and flowers that contain balanced CBD ratios.

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