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Cradle Genetics, a proud licensed High Quality Cannabis – Adult Responsible High Spectrum as well as Hemp for Fibre, Fuels, Feeds, Textiles, Twine and more Production Farm Facility. 

Under strict Regulation, from Government as well as our dedicated Cannabis Compliance Agency, we pride ourselves in producing only the best quality Cannabis for use in a market in dire need of direct impact change. We believe that Cannabis and Hemp can play a massive role towards eco-sustainability in major sectors of the industrial world. Get in touch for Cultivation Partnerships, Licensed Off takes and Breeding Projects, aimed at Crop Specific Input.

Our team of Directors and Cultivators are well experienced Connoisseurs in Craft Cannabis, lovers of The Plant. Our Team has a collective of over 30 years of Cannabis Cultivation using clean Organic Components, registred for use in a demanding sterile market. Not only do we focus on Cannabis, but a wide range of wildly popular Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Herbs for Market like Wormwood, Chamomile, Echinacea, Green Teas and more.

DISCLAIMER: Cradle Genetics SA does not distribute or sell any products we are not permitted to by law. Any items on the website are sold legally either through Cradle Genetics SA or our PERMITTED Affiliates/Partners and/or SAHPRA GMP facilities.
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