Cradle Genetics is a proudly South African Cannabis Breeding Network. Similar to that of a Sports or Arts & Culture Network. Consisting of participators, all operating within our rights given to us when South Africans were allowed a small Grow for Use in our Personal Private space. We believe in a Code of Ethics to Uplift Communities, as well as generate business potential through accessorizing the market and achieving a foot in the door into the ever expanding Industry that Cannabis can bring to South Africa.

Our aim is to offer the Private Home Grower, as well as Licensed Grow Facilities, a hub of Information on Strains, usage of Strains as well as Breed Custom Craft Genetics for specific uses and benefits within the current market and for use in the International Medicinal Cannabis Market; also placing South Africa firmly on the map as a resourceful Cannabis Genetic provider. Our members believe in a network building approach, empowering and educating communities of ALL KINDS as well as being Activists for Cannabis, as we too believe that #CannabisCanHELPSA

We also have a store front where we host Member developed Products, Brands we trust and use as well as niche products typically out of reach of the regular Canna-Connoisseur.